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    Patrick Foley - Founder of RecruitingInfo.com 

    Patrick Foley is the former President and current Director of Capital Projects for a large (~4,000 kids in 5 sports) volunteer-run youth sports program outside of Philadelphia.  He is also the father of two teenage multi-sport athletes.  Pat believes deeply in the power of youth sports to make a positive (lifetime) impact on children. 

    Recognizing a dearth of shared information among parents and athletes as they begin to encounter the college athletic recruiting process, Pat founded RecruitingInfo.com in late 2019.  With the COVID-19 crisis and other challenges changing the landscape of NCAA athletics, the need for a forum and community like RecruitingInfo.com has only intensified.

    The site is meant to be a resource and advocate for prospective and current college athletes, and for college athletics in general.  It is strictly moderated to maintain a positive atmosphere in the spirit of good sportsmanship.  Administrators and athletes from across the country have been invited to provide information and guidance via interviews and guest blog posts. 

    The goal of this site is to empower student athletes and their parents through shared information... with your help!  Please come join the conversation.  

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