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  1. Big news in the NCAA sports realm, as this may start to shape what college athlete compensation will look like.
  2. Mike Herbert is a teacher, coach and athletic director with a PhD specific to the teaching of health. In this interview he provides practical and theoretical insights into the role a parent should play in supporting the academic/athletic careers of their kids. Among the ideas he shares is the "triangle of communication" that should exist between the athletes, parents, and coaches.
  3. Jerry Rullo, a high school football player in Philadelphia's Inter-Ac league, penned a letter to school and league administrators arguing in favor of holding a Fall season. Current plans are to begin competitive play in January. He rallied players from across the league to his cause, making a compelling case based on the idea that compressing multiple sports into a Winter / Spring season will cause unnecessary harm to student athletes. As of the time of this writing, the league is still aiming to start competition in January.
  4. One of the all-time winningest coaches in the history of college soccer talks about the challenges faced by athletes, coaches and administrators during the pandemic.
  5. An enlightening interview with Paul Goldstein about tennis during the COVID epidemic. Paul describes his personal path to one of America's great Universities, while shedding light on the status of his own sport, and the broader world of youth and college athletics in these challenging times. SHOW LESS
  6. A hotly contested topic in youth athletics is whether athletes should specialize or play multiple sports. Nick Bollettieri showed that athletes can rise to great heights by focusing time and attention on one sport, and today's club model tends to emulate that concept. But scientific evidence supports the health benefits of "diversifying" an athlete's training. VJ Stanley of Balanced Excellence addresses the topic in this interview.
  7. Yesterday Governor Wolf of Pennsylvania (my home State) urged the closure of all youth sports programs until January. I fear that is a short-sighted directive that highlights a broader failure of many in our society to recognize the positive power of sports for children and young adults. Moreover, COVID and other factors have put pressure on college athletic programs, causing some to debate the merits of the very existence of NCAA sports. Again, I find this a misguided view that misses the impact that competition has in the development of young people. Let’s start with a simple sta
  8. Glad to hear it John!! And a waiver is definitely a necessity right now. Hopefully we will get some legal protections out of Washington at some point.
  9. Aaron Locks, founder and CEO of the National Academy of Athletics, talks about the need for athletes to be self-motivated to reach the higher levels of sports.
  10. Sarah Burlingame of LaxManiax Lacrosse Club talks about the differences between NCAA Divisions I, II and III from the perspective of Lacrosse
  11. Stanford to discontinue 11 of its varsity sports programs
  12. George Bellinger of Zero Tolerance Volleyball talks about the differences between NCAA Divisions I, II and III from the perspective of Volleyball
  13. Jeff Moore, a recruiting consultant with Moore Exposure talks about the differences between NCAA Divisions I, II and III from the perspective of basketball.
  14. USA Today Sports reporter Dan Wolken did not stutter when he explained that college athletic departments will be prioritizing money over students’ health this season: “Winning and losing is not the priority this year. The priority is getting through the season without a major incident or a disaster and for these schools to make as much money as possible to keep their athletic departments afloat.”
  15. The Division I Council Coordination Committee extended the recruiting dead period in all sports through July 31. “The extension maintains consistent recruiting rules for all sports and allows coaches to focus on the student-athletes who may be returning to campus,” said Council chair M. Grace Calhoun, athletics director at Pennsylvania. “The committee is committed to reviewing the dead period again in late June or early July.”
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